Foreign/Overseas Medical Treatment


Healthstead assists in facilitating overseas medical trips for people seeking such services. We act as liaison between you and foreign hospitals.

Book your overseas treatment with the best foreign hospitals and qualified physicians, prevent delay, and get the best medical care you deserve.

Our foreign contacts include Hospitals in India, Dubai, The UK and USA.

We regularly use Fortis Group of Hospitals & Apollo Group of Hospitals.

We continue to broaden our reach and extend our international partnerships to emerging medical hubs like Israel and other parts of Europe.

DNA Paternity Testing

paternity test

Mr. Akin came home one day, and found his wife Lola lying down, very weak. “What’s wrong darling?” he asked.

” I don’t know”, she replied, pausing, then continues “I’m having a headache, i’m feeling pains all over my body… I think i’m having malaria”.

Both contradictory statements, the second being a self-diagnosis of malaria, but in Nigeria, where malaria is one of the most prevalent ailments, it is not unusual for one to come to this conclusion after noticing symptoms like flu, headache & body pains.

Mr. Akin dropped his briefcase and drove out again to the neighbourhood pharmacy, bought malaria drugs and took home to his wife Lola. She was very weak, he had to help her get up to take the her medication. She took the malaria drugs, and laid down again.

“Rest now, you’d feel better soon”.

He went into the living room to spend time with the kids. Akin and Lola had been married for 15 years, they had 3 kids aged 7,9 &12, he had urged them not to disturb mummy, she was very tired. At night, Akin joined Lola in their bedroom, he leaned towards her to see how she was doing,

“How are you feeling now?” he asked, she muttered some words he couldn’t hear.  “Are you Ok?” He pressed.

The next thing Akin heared, he was not prepared for…

“You think those children are yours?…you are not their father” she said in a faint voice, but clear enough for Akin to hear.

“Lola What did you say?” “Lola!, Lola!”

she couldn’t hear him, she has dozed off. Lola was feeling delirious, as the malaria drugs where beginning to take effect, she was in a state of hallucination & confusion when she dropped that bombshell on Akin.

For 2 days Akin could not sleep or think straight, as he had to watch his wife recover before questioning her about what she said in her sleep that night.

Lola was surprised to see him return home immediately after dropping the kids at school, he would usually go from there to his business, where he ran an I.T consultancy firm.

“What happened?” Lola asked. “Lola we need to talk” Akin replied in a tone she had never heard before. “is anything the matter” Lola asked.

“Are those children mine?” He asked .

Lola’s Jaw dropped to the floor…How did he find out?.

***THE END***

The characters portrayed in this short story are purely fictional, but it is not uncommon to see similar scenarios play out in real life.

Are you sure that child is yours? clear your doubt


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Medicare Plan from Healthstead


A Medicare plan is a provision that offers or arranges for coverage of designated health/medical services needed by plan members for a fixed, prepaid premium. The beneficiaries of such plan could be a single individual, members of a family, or employees of an organization

Healthstead facilitates the type of services described above. Our medicare packages come in four (4) categories;

  • GOLD
  • SILVER &


Starting with the Bronze which is the smallest package, each plan progressively provides more coverage and benefits. Still, the four categories exist to give buyers the luxury of choice, and to make our services open to every economic strata.