Introducing For the first time in Nigeria

Monitoring Made Simple.
*Key features*
. Non-invasive
. No radiation
. Simple ultrasound
. Prevents Stroke Risk
. Prevent Coronary Disease risk
. Automated and Fast processing
Early Atherosclerosis Disease Monitoring to Prevents Stroke and Coronary Artery Disease.
*Scanning For Patients with:
# Smoking
# Obesity
# Diabetes
# High A1c
# High Lipids
# Existing CVD
# Stressful Life
# Hypertension
# Age > 45 Years
# Sedentary Life Styles
# Erectile Dysfunction
# History of Heart Disease.



. Cardiologist
. Neurologist
. Endocrinologist
. Radiologists
. Bariatricians
. Internist
Others who will benefit also Are:
. Psychotherapists
. Psychologists.
Original Articles, Accurate cloud based smart IMT measurement, it’s validation and stroke risk stratification in carotid ultrasound : A web- based point – of – care tool for multi center clinical trials.
Healthstead Global Limited:
We Are the main partner of AtheroPoint in Nigeria a fully equipped and dedicated center in Nigeria.

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